MY 2023 Planner

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Hi everyone. This is my second and last English post of this year. Last year, I have put myself a goal of writing an English blog post. I wrote about “Existential Pain” and you can read it here. In this, my second blog post I redesigned my 2023 planner and share it with you. I try to create my own planner for the last 3 years to be able to upgrade my life into a better version.  Hope you like it. Please don't forget to sign-up for my email list to get updates about my blog posts in 2023 😉 I put my preface of the new year's planner below. You can download the planner with the below link. To be able to keep the file size as low as possible, I just added 15 pages of the common pages. I wish you all a great year in 2023.



As all we know, humanity has begun the millennium with a big hope. We were expecting a huge jump in tech. Most people were thinking of going to work or school with flying cars. Of course, as always we failed to predict what the future brings us. The 2020s were the best time to show us this. Of course, some smart people predicted the pandemic. But we judged them with conspiracies.


However, it was an enlightening time for me. For the last 10 years, I have travelled a lot, gone to military service, changed my job, moved, married, and divorced. Of course, I don't want to show off with these significant changes. Everyone has had their evaluation of their life. I am sure most of them has significant changes in their life as well.


The most important lesson for me was that taking notes and planning life is the essential key to your freedom. For this reason, I create my planner for the last 2 years which I organize to be able to sustain a better life. I shared my planner last year as a digital document. For this year my plan was to print a physical planner. I tried to start a funding project on the Kickstarter platform. Unfortunately, It was a bit late to get confirmation and release the project. For this reason, I will share a  digital copy too for this year. For the next year, if you would like to have a physical one, please make a pre-order with an email. Also you can 


My name is Mahir Yıldızhan. I hope you like my planner design and improve your life quality as well. As always; "Be aware, find the balance, and generate value."


Download → MY 2023 Planner