Existential Pain

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Hello everyone. This is my first English blog post. I write blog posts to share my ideas since 2018. Before that, I used the Blogger application as well but I wanted to start my website and learn web development at that time. I started with HTML to create my website. It was amateur, but It was created by me. Then, I started to use CSS and JS. I tried to use ASP.net and C#. I tried to use WordPress and Joomla too.

After all these trials, eventually, I started to learn PHP/Laravel. And I liked it. It had Its structure, and at the same time, It was customizable. I meet with a Laravel developer for a project. Unfortunately, we couldn't finalise the project, but we gained our friendship. He became a mentor to me. He showed some tricks but he taught me to look in the right place which is mostly the documentation. He taught me to use GitHub for version control as well. I commit to GitHub to be able to track my development processes. I learned how to read the documentation.

At the point where I am today, I can say that I am a PHP/Laravel developer. Of course, I need to learn a lot of things. But every new day, I learn new things. For instance, I learned how to integrate the sorting feature into my admin panels.

Nevertheless, I told you all this story because I would like to express myself to all world. Because I have somethings to say. And English is the most common language to do that. (I am not counting Chinese, because It has its popularity with the population.) According to Wikipedia, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Languages_used_on_the_Internet) the most common language on the internet is English.

I am more focused on the awareness of the people. I have an idiom that I use for the very end of my all posts. It is "Be aware, find the balance, and generate value."

Because people suffer from existential pain. To be able to relieve this pain, we must be aware of it and its reasons. This awareness will hurt at the beginning. You will see that there are things that you can't do anything about it. But there is a border of awareness's pain. When you cross the border, awareness can not hurt you anymore. The opposite, It will comfort your life. You will see, that there are things that you can do something about it and things that you can't do anything about it. You will start to focus on things that you can affect. This is the first and the hardest step. "Be aware"

The second step is "Find the balance" When you find out that you can affect some of the things in your life, you will start to work on them. However, there are still too many things to do. You will lose your focus. You can't be everywhere at every time. You have limitations. Time, energy, money. This is always a hard equation. When you are younger, you have the time and energy but not the money. Around your middle age, you have the money and energy but not the time. In your old age, you have the time and the money but not the energy. Now is the time to find the balance. You need to focus on the right amount of things and find your balance between real life and your dreams.

I think I am at this stage of my life. I am struggling a lot to focus on the right things.

And the last stage is "Generate value" This stage is the most fun section. You became more aware of the things that going on around you. You find the balance point of your life. You put your energy through the right spot. Now It is time to generate value. I use the "generate" word, however, I am not sure if the word expresses the right meaning. I think in Turkish so I could be making mistake. I could use "create" or "produce" as well. Or a combination of these three.

Now, you can think "Okay, we understand the process, but what we should do?" For your first step, my suggestion is don't act fast. Try to understand the other's paradigms. Try to see other angles. Reading is the best help for this skill. For the second step, my suggestion is to prioritize your to-do list. If you can define what is important and how much important, you can use your energy more efficiently. And don't hesitate to let some of your dreams go. For the last step, my suggestion is don't hesitate to produce something, anything. Because we are always afraid of getting negative feedback. But try to think of these as an opportunity. Every feedback is an opportunity to learn and grow.

For my first English blog post, I extended it a lot. But hopefully, it should help you to get something from my blog post. If you read until this moment, thank you so much for your time. I knew time is an important asset of your life. And where you spend it is important as well. Thanks for giving me your valuable time. As always will be; 
"Be aware, find the balance, and generate value."

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