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The Eye of the Universe

Again a brand new design after I checked the daily challenge of the web platform. The eye of the Universe.

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Life Purpose Man

At this stage of my life, I seek a purpose for my life. I wonder, what AI thinks of a man who searches for his life's purpose. And this result has amazed me.

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Erlik Han

A brand new NFT which created after a deep investigation of Turkish Mythology. And used prompt as "Erlik, Erlig, Erlik Khan, Erleg or Yerleg is the god of death and the underworld, sometimes referred to as Tamag (hell) in Turkic mythology. Er (or yer) means Earth, in the depths of which Erlik lives in."

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A Raining Scene in the Universe

A raining scene in the universe with a huge spiral nebula galaxy behind a cyberpunk concept.

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Clash of the Awakening

Clash of the awakening point of the verity's dream and the beginning of the universe and eternity.

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